Friday, September 30, 2016

DIY Wedding Touches - Small Details Make The Day All Your Own

It's been quite some time since my last post. I'm not going to lie, I don't have any awesome new furniture for my readers. I suppose I've been rather busy here lately. But Ms. A, "What are you busy doing if it's not working on furniture?" you ask. I got hitched!! Therefore, please forgive the tardiness with my posting. Courting, engagement, wedding planning, honeymooning and being a newlywed has taken up much of my time.

Knowing me, I did manage to squeeze a few DIY items into my wedding. Surprisingly though, I didn't do a total DIY wedding. While I think that would have been a lot of fun, I also think it would have been a LOT of stress. Instead, we chose to get married at a full service venue where all I had to do was show up! I was able to convince the venue to let me throw in a few DIY touches to make the day truly ours.

We chose to forego the traditional wedding cake and opted to have a pie and cheesecake bar instead. (If any bride is leaning this way I highly recommend it. Ours was a huge hit with our guests!!) However, we did still have a small wedding cake that we could shove in each other's faces. I mean - serve each other lovingly. I made the topper for our small cake. I purchased two small wooden birds from Hobby Lobby and had the future husband drill a hole in the bottom of each. I used a wood burner and an alphabet set to burn the word "WE" on one bird and "DO" on the other bird. Then I stuck a piece of wire in the hole so we could stick them in the cake. I think they turned out adorable even if I couldn't get the wire completely straight!!

We didn't register anywhere but since we had several of our guests ask us about gifts we advised those people that a gift wasn't expected but if they wanted to give us something we would prefer a gift card to Home Depot (lots of upcoming house projects!). I then made a gift card receptacle for guests to place the cards in. My parents found a vintage look luggage train case at an antique store and I strung a "cards" banner across the opening. To make the banner, I found a pendant template online and I used the template to cut out the pendants from some Mr. & Mrs. scrapbook paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. I then stenciled the letters on to the pendants, used a small hole punch to put holes in the corners and used a thin piece of twine to string them all together. Here's the final result.

For our guest book I was lucky enough to find a cute sign online that just happened to have our colors of mint and peach. I printed it out on the color printer and stuck it in a frame from the dollar store. Perfect and took less than 10 minutes start to finish!

Lastly, since our wedding was held in a barn in the country, we also made a pallet sign to stick by the side of the road so our guests wouldn't miss the driveway. The future husband grabbed a pallet from his work. Yes, it had been used but that just added to the appeal! I found some very large stencils at Michael's and bought a small bottle of mint colored acrylic paint. I stenciled on the letters and voila!

Our wedding day was wonderful thanks to our venue and these small personal touches just made it all the more special!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Daisy Cupcakes

I haven't been doing much furniture refinishing this summer. Instead, I've been taking cake decorating classes with my coworker. It's been so much fun! Alas, now we are all finished with the Wilton Method classes 1-4. Now maybe I'll have time to do some furniture again soon!

One of my closest friends recently got married and since I was unable to attend her bachelorette party, I offered to make her some cupcakes. Her bridal bouquet was to be daisies, so she asked for something with daisies on it. And pink, gotta have the pink. I did a google search for daisy cupcakes and came up with the following:

Image from Pinterest, apologies not sure of the original source as I never clicked through to read the story.

Perfect! Daisies and pink! I made funfetti cupcakes- yes sadly I used box cake but hey, Pillsbury spends a lot of money on having great tasting cakes - with a pink cream cheese icing. The daisy itself is gumpaste, and is inedible. Here are the results. Pretty spot on if you ask me and the bride-to-be said they were a hit at her party.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Re-upholstered loveseat

Today's post is a love seat that my mom re-upholstered. Here is the before:

And here is the after:

It doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture!! The wooden feet were bought at the flea market for $5 each. For a detailed tutorial on upholstery please see my earlier posts.

Friday, February 13, 2015

New chicken coop door

I inherited a few chickens when I bought my house and for the past 4 years, I've been dealing with a warped coop door. The door was now so warped it was getting hard for me to close. I thought a screen door with the screen taken out and replaced by chicken wire would be perfect.

Here is the coop before. It's quite large and well over 6 feet tall.

I found a screen door at a home salvage store and snagged it for $20. I took out the screen, replaced it with chicken wire (you can staple this on with a hand held stapler) and painted it the same color as my front door, Spicy Hue by Sherwin Williams.

I love it!!! It adds a little pop of color and it's great having a door that actually opens and closes with ease. Now, I think I need to paint the rest of the coop the color of my house!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Upholstered Chairs

While I have been on a project hiatus my mom has been busily working away. Today's post showcases a pair of chairs she re-upholstered. She bought these chairs for $7 each at Goodwill. $7!!!!

Here they are before she worked her magic:

In case you any of you upholstery fans are interested, here are the "insides" of the chair.

And now here is the after. Aren't these amazing?! My step-father used his carpentry skills to fix the arms and my mom has some serious upholstery skills!